Every thought we think is creating our future

Written by on 30th November 2018

Always focus upon what we want with passion! That is the magical power of focus. How to mentally focus on what we really want?

• Choose what to focus but make task sure it is one task at a time. 78 Mind Mastery Minds are like flowers, they only open
when the time is right.
• Remove any potential blocks and mental clutter.
• Anticipate our basic physical needs.
• Simplify our task into small pieces and plan.
• Visualize the goal in meditation with the endresult When it comes to work, apply 80/20 rule; develop steady pace; avoid multi tasking.

Always remember, our focus determines our reality. Focus may be historical, present or future. Most people are stuck in the present focus. So this type of focus can be said to as “Quick fix focus”. One and all should also have an ongoing future focus in order to set goals and to achieve the same. Focus includes both vision as well as action.

Thought Statistics

• Average thoughts 36,000 – 60,000 every day
• 95% of thoughts are repeated In The Science of Getting Rich Wallace D. Wattles wrote:
“Everything you see on earth is made from one original substance, out of which all things proceed”.
There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought, in this substance,
produces the thing that is imaged by thought. Man can form things in his thought and by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be  created.
If your thoughts are wise, your actions will be wise.

Thoughts are two types

1.Positive thoughts which are productive and virtuous in nature

They give us and others the experience of our original virtues like peace, love, joy, purity and power. They enable us to collect inner strength and equip us to wear a constructive attitude.
Thinking positively involves looking at problems and recognizing realities, but at the same time being able to find solutions without being confused and experiencing feeling of powerlessness. Positive thoughts make one internally strong and as a result our expectations of others decrease.

2.Negative thoughts which drain our energy

Negative thoughts not only harm us but have an impact on others also. These thoughts disturb our peace and weaken our inner strength. If these thoughts occur on a regular basis, they
can cause health problems, both physical and mental. They can even become destructive. Negative thoughts are based on the five vices primarily – lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment.
They are chiefly caused by selfish and harmful reasons, without taking into account the values and inner qualities of the person.



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