This Children’s Day, let our little gems shine brighter

Written by on 14th November 2018

When India celebrates the birthday of its most visionary Prime Minister, it is pertinent that the celebrations are all about the most valuable citizens of India- the children. Chacha, as children fondly called Nehru, had high dreams of the heights to which the tots would take India and on his 129th birthday, nation revives its commitment to his mission.

A carefully moulded childhood is the most assured part of our future; the higher the investment that we make on them, the higher the impact. Children are the weakest and the most vulnerable part of our society who needs continuous nourishment and encouragement. However, on our part, it is a time for retrospection to see if we are really fulfilling their lives with the right things. Giving them a safe and secure childhood is important; making them all-equipped to face the morrow is crucial, too. They have to receive the right values and directions from day 1 of their personality formation. If we falter, the society would take them over and we will stop having a say over them, at most places.

Let’s make them happy, let’s make them one of good values, let’s make them benevolent and kind, let’s make them committed to the society and let’s tune their minds to a higher spiritual realm where, right from a young age, they will start understand the potentials and miracles of their own mind power and they can realize how magnificent creations they are. We shouldn’t miss any opportunity to show them what a beautiful life lies ahead for them and we can’t afford to see them lose heart. Let our little gems shine through every darkness, every impediment.


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