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Written by on 31st October 2018

Once I was standing near an enquiry counter of a railway station suddenly a man come toward the enquiry counter and asked “When will Venad Express arrives?” then the person inside the counter tell him the time. After some time another guy come towards the counter and enquire the time for the arrival of Venad Express and the time was told to him by the counter. As time passes another man came and asked for the time of Venad Express in the counter and it was answered again he asked, are you sure? the counter replied” probably “. After a while another man came to the counter and asked for the time of Venad Express and enquired will it arrive on time. The counter replied yes it will, again he “Are you sure that it will be on time? This time counter replied I can’t say it right now.

Wrong and right thinking patterns

There is a thinking pattern among people that I am ok and you are ok; it is a good one but there is another mindset among people which is I am ok but you are not ok.  Here we examine the guy in the enquiry counter, he has an I am ok and you are ok attitude but some people irritated him continuously by asking unnecessary questions with an I am ok you are not ok like mindset the results in the change of his attitude and he answers further enquires like; time is displayed over there, it has been shown on schedule, I don’t know exactly, may be it will arrive. As we consider the side of enquiry staff who wish to answer politely and clear to the questions won’t perform that due to the negative attitude of the people who approached him.

Avoid negative persons

We can easily identify a person with a negative energy their main symptom is that they always complain.  They complain about almost everything like weather, government, country they always inclined to find negativity in every situation. If you came across a person who always talks like this, beware that he is full of negative energy and cooperation with him will only give you negative experiences.

How to remove negativity in your thoughts?


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