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Written by on 27th October 2018

Improve your relationship using mind power

In relationship, the husband and wife are the two individuals who come from two entirely different background and circumstances. If the mind of wife is the map of Chennai then the husbands mind is the map of Bangalore, we can’t find the places on Chennai in the map of Bangalore as well as the places on Bangalore on Chennai. They are the product of two different nature and nurture, by taking care of certain things and understanding these facts both can lead a happy and peaceful family life. Common practice that we see today on society while choosing a partner people tend to focus more on the drawback and downside of a person instead  of concentrating in the strength and positives ; these attitudes are worst for maintaining a healthy relationship . Always try to see the positive qualities and strengths of the person and appreciate them, by doing so it will automatically turn them grow. In a relationship, focus more in those good qualities and nourish them then gradually took initiatives to transform your weakness using mind power.  If you visualize a peaceful, happy, intimate and loving relationship repeatedly in your mind certainly you can achieve that.

Marriages are made:

This means we are creating it so there are possibilities for concentrating more on the positive qualities of the partners than the negative qualities, then it will be a happy relationship. Our behaviors are formed as a result of the idols and models of the individuals and society we had seen around us, if the relationship gets worsens due to small ego problems which may gradually expands and results in breakup. Always remember those who get adversely affect by it were mostly the children, they are grown up by watching the unhealthy relationship between their parents. By raised in this situation, chances that their future life will also turn to a disaster due to this past experience. So always try to be a strong role model to your children by living a happy, peaceful, content and intimate family life. It is the most precious gift that you can give to your children. We can create this using the mind power, once you create an intimate and strong relationship in your mind you can easily manifest it to reality. There is nothing stronger than your unconscious mind, try to visualize a happy and friendly family in your mind with time all other present conflicts will gradually settle down and you can create a family as you wish. Major issue in the marriages is the lack of experience of the partners in family life. They don’t know how to start and lead a healthy relationship. For this you have to understand what your partner needs from you or what he/she expects from you.

What woman and man expect?

According to a woman the most important thing she needs is caring from her partner than almost anything, so always find time to spend with her and understand her problems and concerns ;while a Man needs a woman who support and stand with him in all life situations whether it’s happy or unhappy he needs someone to encourage and support him emotionally. By doing this you can easily improve your intimacy between partners. We can use the power of mind to make it into reality always imagine that you are giving intimacy to your partners in your mind, if so gradually it will happen in your life. I know examples of many who once breakup and now rejoin after taking our mind mastery classes and incidents that some understand their mistakes and starts new life again. Always look into your intimacy then it will happen never look into the difference and negative by time it will disappear completely. We have only limited time to live on this world so use this time wisely in finding and living happy and peaceful life.  Love and happy is related to your soul, if you have a soul mate you must bond for that by concentrating on the intimacy rather than difference or negatives. The tools and techniques for being close to them includes in our mind reprogram classes which focus on recreating your mind from cleansing you from all the present contamination and pollutions of the outer world. As we know it is not a one day process it requires time. You have to practice this for a period of 100 days to recreate and reprogram your mind and the result is you are out with a brand new mind and will possess a successful life.

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