The chemistry of extroverts and introverts

Written by on 23rd October 2018

Many parents ask me that what would they do to change the introvert character of their child, also many husbands asks me about the introvert character of their wife and vice versa.


Both introvert and extrovert has their own pros and cons. In psychology there is a separate section called introvert power, while extrovert are good at expressing themselves outside while introverts are good at going deep inside of their own consciousness. This help introverts to focus themselves from the distracting outside world, if the introvert possess certain talent he can sharpen it and find peace and enjoyment while concentrating on it. This help introverts in professional field especially in technical sides, they can discover further things and explore new ideas, possibilities because they have the capability to think deeper because they have great inner power comparing to extroverts. Great epics are gifts from introverts to the world, as we know many great saints in Himalayas are enjoying their own company they prevent themselves from the outside world and still we can gain useful knowledge from them for the mankind.  For example, Stephen Hawking one of the greatest scientists is an introvert there was an ocean of power deep inside him. The major drawback of introverts is they are not expressive sometimes, this may create confusion in family life, if your partner is introvert just accept that he/she behave like that and adjust with their own nature. Usually introvert complains less about the behavior of their partners, actually they are not bothered with that and their world is small and they are content and happy in their own world. This is how a typical introvert like. Remember they have huge potential inside them to create useful innovations to the world.


Major trait of extrovert is they are always expressive and they find fun in interact with others. They have good communication skills, this helps them to perform well in professions like marketing and customer relation; usually they are good at mingling and handling with people. There are reports that the partners of extroverts complain that they talk to and care others more than them. They have the ability to laugh and speak with other even they are experiencing depression inside. There is a lot of difference between the communication among extrovert and introvert, while an introvert ask for straight questions but extrovert try to develop a friendly relation before that. There are many cases that extrovert mingle with everybody and waste life without achieving anything of their own. As we see both introvert and extrovert have their own advantages and disadvantages. If anyone is introvert which doesn’t means that it’s bad let’s understand it as their way of expressing things and try to adjust with that. Throughout the history we can see examples of great personalities as introverts as well as extroverts so you can be successful in life whether you are an introvert or extrovert.


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