Travel through positive thoughts and your destination be gigantic success

Written by on 13th October 2018

How thoughts are formed?

Thoughts are formed as the result of our feelings or related to past programming. Thoughts about past will evoke if we go through similar situations or circumstances like, climate, visuals, fragrance or words said by someone etc..Approximately 36000 to 60000 thoughts pass through our mind each day. In these about 95% of them are repeated thoughts which happens again and again.  The thinking patterns are dominated by the circumstances which we are associated with. If you want to change your thinking pattern you have to shift yourself from current environment like moving to a new place, finding new friends, engage in something new, these all can change your thoughts and thinking pattern. I always suggest everyone attends in my training to do something engaging because if we engage in something we don’t get enough time to be worried. We should encourage positive thoughts and avoid negative thoughts. Because positive thoughts will lead us to success in life while negative thoughts will never. So we should control our thoughts in such a healthy manner that our thoughts should not harm blue prints for success but rather motivates and inspire positively and optimistically towards our great aim which is the success in life. We have millions of neurons in our brain which communicates each other with the help of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine etc..

The procedure of thinking

This is how a process of thinking in our brain takes place. In short communication between millions of neurons is called thoughts, during the process of every thought as a result of neuron-communication a bio-electricity is formed in our neurons to charge them. If we continuously focus in a specific thought, especially on your goals like to become a millionaire, to start a new venture, to pass IAS, to build a home, step by step that thought will be strengthened and developed to a new altitude for example the person who visualized about building a home will see things which are closely related to build a home every where he go out. He will consciously check out new home designs and latest trends of houses around him, moreover any other thought of him will even end up as a thought about building a home. It’s actually a sorting process of brain which sort only the details needed for the brain. As a result this visualization and affirmation will certainly send compulsive impulsion’s to the great universe to grant our goals. So we should use our thought positively with the help of visualization and affirmation to accomplish the goals and great success in life.  Simply if our ambition is to build a dream home, we should always visualize every tiny aspect about building the home. The more we think more number of neurons will participate in this visualization thought process and numerous groups of neurons will combine together to form new neurons pathways. In short If we program our mind for a certain goal, then the mind will automatically sort out things which support and inspire you to achieve the goal this reticulated activated system help to modulate your thinking pattern and your thoughts finally transforms your dream to reality.

Do you want to change your negative thoughts?


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