A healthy mind in a healthy body

Written by on 12th October 2018


Mind and diseases

In medical science moreover 150 diseases were considered as psychosomatic diseases which affects the mind. Always remember disease begins from our inner being and our thoughts. If we think and accept that I had this particular disease actually you are accelerating the disease. There are many YouTube videos which shows the story of people who cured from their disease by rejecting them using their mind power which means they are not willing to accept that they have this certain kind of disease. Recently I found a video of a person who healed from Parkinson disease by this rejection method. If you don’t accept the disease in your heart it’s not possible for the disease to exist with you and it is a part of your thought process.

Inner power to heal

Always remember if you have any kind of disease, there will also be the inner power exists inside you to heal them it can be through your belief in God or will power you can easily get rid of the problem which is affecting you.  So always try to be strong in mind because your mind is manifest in your body. As per our Indian system of medical science there are three ‘Koshas’, ‘annamaya Kosha’, ‘pranamaya kosha’ and ‘manomaya kosha’. If we remove disease related thoughts and beliefs from mind. The disease cannot exist in our body by any means. If you have a healthy mind then you also have a healthy body.

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Why is healthy mind important for positive life?


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