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Written by on 11th October 2018


As you all know human beings possess 5 physical senses and the mysterious 6th sense. Studies have shown that while you read a book you can remember 20% of what you read. You can remember 30% of what you hear, 50% what you say and if it is an action you can remember about 60% of it.

The scientific approach of learning and recalling information is commonly termed as Multi-Sensory Accelerated Learning Technique. This technique will considerably enhance your learning experience and also improve your memory. Let’s see how we can incorporate your sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste into the day to day learning process

It is scientifically proved that you will not forget anything that happens in your life through the 5 sense organs. The memories are ingrained at your subconscious mind.  The three most utilized senses that help to improve your study skills include Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.  It is common fact that, depending upon your personality, you are naturally inclined to any of the above instinct. Identify, which one suits you the best and work on it. While learning various topics you can incorporate alternate methods to improve your skills

Visual Learning

A visual learner is the one who can process and recall information unsurpassed when they see it. This kind of learners finds the classroom more comfortable. They need the information to be disseminated with the help of visual aids such as illustrations, charts, colours, and shapes.  Visual learners are more imaginative than others, so they can understand things visually and are able to convey complex ideas easily.

Auditory Learning

An auditory learner prefers long discussions and seminars. They are generally receptive to sound and speech.  An auditory learner is a perfect listener and they enjoy learning listening to audio recordings. They are passionate about music and sound. An auditory learner can be a good storyteller.

Kinesthetic Learning

A Kinesthetic learner is one who enjoys learning via feelings. During the process of learning, they will be physically engaging activities. These kinds of learners are good at sports, arts, and theatrics.

With multi-sensory accelerated learning, you easily identify your potential and choose your learning method. You can coin new strategies that will suit your personality and learning capability.

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