Blue print-the green signal to success

Written by on 31st August 2018

No one was born with a mind of blue print for success. A new born baby has nothing in his mind. Slowly the baby learn things from surroundings and environment and slowly grasp events happening around him and gradually his mind will develop. Some positive incidents happen in their life or passion for success may later develop into the blue print of success. For success you must have intense need of passion for success and see this as your basic need. This need comes from several ways. For some, they had started a business and it will end up in an uttermost failure and the world laugh and tease at them, this time they understand and decide that success is their only way to survive, there arise the real need for success and they get spark and energy from that need which fuelled urge for their success.

This need will change their life significantly for example, I know the story of a woman in United States, she raise 10 million dollars from nothing  in three months to release her child from the custody of the court because the court asks her to show documents of sufficient funds to raise the child.  She can make it only because of her need is so strong that she can’t live without her child. Sometime a severe blow from failure will inspire us to be successful and reminds us that success is your only option. We must learn from our failures, always consider failure as an expensive mentor who gives valuable lessons and learn those lessons and move forward . It is also essential to prepare our mind and taking care of our body by nourishing it with food and exercise. Remember that healthy mind exists only in healthy bodies.

Bill Gates, we known him as the multi billionaire was a total failure at his first business venture and then he starts his second attempt which was also a failure but he never lost his confidence and starts again and which also ends up in tragic loss again he learn from his failure and started Microsoft and the rest we known as history; the story is not different in the case of the founder of Apple Steve Jobs, his first business failed and he tried again to create Apple a success but unfortunately he has to go out from his own company . Many successful businesses we see today have a bitter past of failure and struggle of many people who had the intense desire to be successful. It’s always better to enter into business after learning something about it though failures may happen due to many subtle reasons. Always remember that only your external wealth is lost but your inner wealth is always with you which enable you to start again and again. In order to accumulate inner wealth you have to talk with successful business people , create brilliant blue print in mind.

Our billionaire mind set classes covers complete steps to be successful in business. If any one can’t achieve significant success in their life, I will say the reason is that their need is not that intense. Once a young man approached Socrates the great philosopher and asked him that what is required to be successful? Socrates navigate him to the nearby river and both walk towards the river till the water level reach up to the neck, suddenly Socrates plunge his head into the water for a while, the young man began to suffocate and slowly Socrates release him, suddenly he raise from the water and inhale deeply  and asked Socrates why should you do this to me ? Socrates replied, what you feel when you raise head from water? the young man said I want to breath, again Socrates why? without doing so I will be dead. Socrates replied him, this is what you need to be successful the need or necessity without it, you won’t exist. Likewise you will be successful when success is the only option left for you. If you think success is as essential as oxygen for you, then certainly you will win.


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