Avoid debts for a Successful life.

Written by on 13th August 2018


Never think about your debts always. Instead,  give affirmation to your mind that you have zero debt and the monthly installment you repay to bank should be imagined as surplus deposits or credit in bank. Visualize yourselves that you are not in debts but a multimillionaire. Regular Positive affirmations given to subconscious mind will make all your visualized facts entirely true with in two or three years. And will take you to a huge success in life.

Think always about prosperity and wealth not about debts. Thinking about debts will only helps to increase your debts.

Avoid negative situations, relatives and friends which pulls you back to pessimism and thus debts grow bigger than before.

Always try to maintain happy and peaceful atmosphere in family and friends circle.  Always get surrounded by positive thinking people who are moreover optimistic. Try to learn wealth making skills from wealthy people who build their wealth and success in life as well before us. Keep miles and miles away from deceiving and dishonest people hence they will make your life a tragedy.

Make a list of debts you have, sort the list in such an order from least amount to bigger amount. Give back small amounts in priority order and thus close small debts to reduce the number of debts. As a result reduced number of debts will boost up your optimism and confidence. Eventually you will able to  close the bigger and entire debts  with in a short span of time.

Avoid taking loans from financial ventures, banks etc.. This will make you a longtime  debt holder.  As stated earlier visualize, give affirmation that you are no more a debt holder but a successful person who attracts wealth from multiple sources. Select multiple sources to attract money rather than a single source. This will make you financially stable and provide a less risky debt free life. If you rely on a single source of income a sudden adverse change in circumstances will increase your debts. multiple sources will also help you to repay debts in small amounts in small intervals and to achieve the state of debt free life and then as the next step, laying foundation stone to start the great voyage towards the set goal, The great successful life.


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